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Introducing: AngelList Stack Incorporate & launch a fundraising-ready startup.

Our purpose at AngelList Venture is to increase the rate of innovation in the world. We believe founders are the core drivers of innovation, which is why we're announcing a new product that provides everything founders need to incorporate, fund, and scale their startup: AngelList Stack.


Founders can incorporate their startup by providing basic information about their business during the application process. AngelList will handle all of the paperwork with Delaware and the IRS (including 83(b) filings).

The incorporation documents (created in collaboration with Goodwin Procter) feature founder and employee-friendly terms, including:

  • Founders Preferred Stock

  • Extended exercise windows for employees (optional)


Once incorporated, founders automatically receive business banking accounts that can be managed through AngelList Stack. Banking includes:

  • FDIC insured interest-bearing accounts (0.15% APY)

  • Physical and virtual debit cards

  • Free incoming and outgoing wires

  • ATM fee reimbursement

Founders can raise their first SAFE round entirely on Stack by sending a link to investors to digitally sign the SAFE. Once the funds arrive in the bank account, investors are automatically added to the cap table. For checks from individuals, founders can quickly create a Roll Up Vehicle to keep their cap table clean.


AngelList Stack helps founders level up their startup as it grows.

  • Equity. An integrated cap table management product makes it easy to model scenarios, grant equity, and track it.

  • Investor Updates. Founders can send investor updates directly through Stack.

  • Hiring. Stack streamlines the hiring process by generating employee offer portals, stock option grants, and facilitating the hiring of international employees.

  • 409A Valuations. Founders on the AngelList Stack get access to discounted 409A valuations from an independent third-party appraiser.

External stakeholders benefit from Stack as well. Investors and employees get a dedicated dashboard to track their ownership stake, while customizable permissions allow founders to safeguard any sensitive information.

To learn more about the AngelList Stack, visit our website.

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