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Swiftmile Brings Micromobility Charging to Miami

  • Swiftmile’s solar-powered micromobility hubs to help Miami charge and organize its shared e-scooters.

The Miami Parking Authority (MPA) and Swiftmile today announced a partnership to bring a network of micromobility charging stations (“Mobility Hubs”) to Miami, in an effort to increase access to sustainable, electric transportation.

Swiftmile’s Miami hubs will be equipped with solar panels that charge e-scooters with clean, renewable energy. © Swiftmile

Swiftmile began installing Mobility Hubs throughout Brickell and Downtown Miami this week to coincide with the highly-anticipated CoMotion Miami Live event, where the CEOs of both MPA and Swiftmile will take the stage to discuss urban mobility. Swiftmile will deploy a total of 25 Hubs this month on MPA properties around the City, which will mark the company’s largest deployment to date. The Hubs will power and organize e-scooters from the City’s shared micromobility operators, as well as personal e-scooters and e-bikes. By the end of 2022, Swiftmile aims to deploy 100+ Hubs across the City, which will be able to collectively charge more than 3200 vehicles per day.

Swiftmile CEO, Colin Roche, said:“Whether you’re a scooter rider or scooter skeptic, Swiftmile Hubs are a win for everyone in the City of Miami. This is a city of ingenuity, and we’re excited to join fellow innovators in making Miami more sustainable, tech-forward and ultimately clutter-free.”

The City of Miami relaunched its e-scooter program in February 2021 with a renewed focus on safety and sidewalk clutter reduction. This network of Swiftmile Mobility Hubs will help the City address these priorities by offering a space for riders to charge and park vehicles, enabling them to keep Miami’s streets clear and ensure a fully-charged battery for the next rider.

Swiftmile’s Miami hubs will be equipped with solar panels that charge e-scooters with clean, renewable energy. Each Hub will also be equipped with a digital screen that generates revenue for the Authority by displaying ads from local businesses and national brands, alongside public service announcements and real-time transit information. These screens will help to support both the return of local businesses activity and of public transit ridership as Miami recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chief Executive Officer of the MPA, Alejandra “Alex” Argudin, said:“Miami is at the forefront of the latest lifestyle trends and micromobility use is a top choice for urbanites. This collaboration is aimed at harnessing the power of technology to create a more sustainable city environment with lower emissions, less noise pollution and reduced traffic congestion.”

On the heels of President Biden’s $2T+ infrastructure announcement, the MPA’s move is the latest sign that the public sector is ready to make big investments in clean transportation infrastructure. This partnership also aligns with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s efforts to make Miami an “innovation hub” that prioritizes forward-thinking transportation tech. Suarez led the City’s initial launch of its e-scooter pilot in April 2019.

Miami City Commissioner, Ken Russell, said:“I believe in e-scooters as a viable transportation alternative, but in order for it to succeed, we must balance easy access to micromobility with organized hubs that help keep the sidewalks clear for pedestrians. By inviting Swiftmile to our City, we are one step closer to unlocking a future that does not require daily personal car use.”

Swiftmile Hubs are already deployed in cities including Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., and Berlin. Swiftmile is also exploring partnerships to adapt to evolving shared micromobility trends, such as the rise in e-mopeds and the demand for solar-powered charging infrastructure. To catch up on the latest announcements from Swiftmile, visit

Mayor Suarez, said:“The Miami Movement has gained another Silicon Valley star today. We know the future of transportation is electrified and we’re honored to champion that future here with Swiftmile.”

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