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Increase LinkedIn Engagement By 3000%

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White Rabbit boosts LinkedIn lead gen results by 3,000% using Dux-Soup with AI White Rabbit Intel provides game changing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence solutions at an affordable price point. Using Dux-Soup, it increased engagement on LinkedIn by 250%. By using White Rabbit’s AI to build ideal personas and adding that to the Dux-Soup outreach, the company was able to zero in on its target audience on LinkedIn – sending results skyrocketing by 3,000%. Affordable and effective Boosting results by 3,000% Rob Turley is Co-founder and Co-CEO of White Rabbit Intel, which specialises in making advanced AI analytics easily available and commoditised for B2B lead generation. He says, “I was recommended Dux-Soup as a fantastic way to up my game on LinkedIn. I could see it was the market leader for automated LinkedIn lead generation. But what really resonated with me was the price. Dux-Soup has superior LinkedIn automation features compared to solutions that cost 10x more, making it accessible to a wider audience. After 3 weeks, I saw a 250% increase in the success rate of my LinkedIn engagement. In addition to my own use, a number of sales and marketing staff use Dux-Soup for lead generation and networking - and campaigns are way more efficient and successful as a result.” Adding AI to LinkedIn lead generation White Rabbit’s analytics are the secret sauce that, when combined with Dux- Soup, make for a powerful recipe for outstanding results. The analytics look at different sources including sales success and failure data, transactional data, CRM data, etc. This is enriched with thousands of GDPR compliant data sources. From this, a target demographic profile and an ideal customer persona (ICP) are created. This is unique to each individual and enables the salesperson to connect with prospects that have the highest probability of a successful engagement. Rob adds, “Counter intuitively, we found that job titles are not a good predictor of how well a prospect will fit a particular campaign. This was an eye opener and enabled us to change things up so that we focused on variables that brought us closer to a successful outcome.” White Rabbit uses Dux-Soup to connect with potential decision makers on LinkedIn, network at scale and identify potential joint marketing opportunities such as podcasts and events. The company’s partnering and integration activity also uses Dux-Soup too and is equally important as direct sales opportunities. Rob adds, “Before Dux-Soup, everything we did on LinkedIn was manual, but it was so time consuming and tedious. Now, we save 5 or 6x our time. With Dux- Soup’s automation capabilities we can do more work, in less time and easily double our productivity. It runs in the background meaning we can multi-task better too.” White Rabbit’s LinkedIn activity has successfully cut out the noise by focusing on connecting with an audience that matches the ICP. This enables time to be spent with people who are more likely to have positive interaction. Dux-Soup takes care of the heavy lifting by automating the early stage outreach and frees up the sales team to spend their time more productively on later stage selling, relationship building, leading and managing. Rob adds, “We applied the White Rabbit profile analytics to my own data and used the resulting ICP to create a highly focused Boolean search in LinkedIn with 68 filters! We then used Dux-Soup with custom messages and automated outreach and the improvement blew me away. The addition of our targeting analytics to Dux-Soup’s automation capabilities boosted our results 3,000%. In a word, it is incredible, and we couldn’t have achieved this any other way.” This improvement represented inbound activity, connection requests/acceptances, connection messages, direct engagement and overall profile views/business profile views. After 3 weeks, I saw a 250% increase in the success rate of my LinkedIn engagement Creating hyper personal campaigns With Dux-Soup’s automation capabilities we can do more work, in less time and easily double our productivity A number of sales and marketing staff use Dux-Soup for lead generation and networking - and campaigns are way more efficient and successful as a result White Rabbit currently has 6 salespeople that use Dux-Soup. New sales staff start with the Free Edition. Once they are familiar with it, they upgrade to Dux- Soup Pro in order to use the more powerful and advanced messaging and connection features. Rob explains, “Looking at the journey from the first engagement to a successful connection, the chance of engaging with us is probably around 60% - compared to 2% from an average sales and marketing lead generation campaign. That’s why our salespeople are getting up to 30 meetings a week from Dux-Soup – this is a mix of direct sales, partner opportunities, etc. What’s more, we can usually close an opportunity within 1-2 meetings.” Can you be too successful? Rob states, “The White Rabbit analytics enable us to unlock the raw potential of data to connect business professionals to other businesses at a truly personal level. Along with Dux-Soup, it really works - in some ways too well! I actually stopped using Dux-Soup every day as I simply cannot handle the volume of responses that I was getting! That’s why I always recommend Dux-Soup to anyone that I am selling our White Rabbit services to as the two solutions work perfectly together.” White Rabbit’s connection strategy is another part of the success story. The connection messages are designed to reflect the personality of the person sending them. What works for one salesperson won’t necessarily work for a colleague. Additionally, the company invests in its content strategy, so that it is continually engaging with its audience, safe in the knowledge that relevant content is in front of interested people at all times.

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