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The ANA Difference Our Company Of Difference

What is our difference and why would an investor care?

We take simple solar and amplify it to higher voltage levels 32-35vdc for a ANA 12vdc PowerBank System

In electrical jargon we Boost and we Buck on a single circuit board

Our technology is a light energy sponge in simple terms that absorbs indoor light,sunlight (direct and indirect), and even lunar light during a clear full moon night.

This technology only works when the receiver is the same as the transmitter with the transmitter ready to transport it's energy rapidly and the receiver having the ability to absorb that energy rapidly This is not possible with any battery technology

Take that benefit with the ability to stack that energy in either a voltage gain configuration or a current gain configuration and/or both above the required voltage and you gain in less current draw that directly translates to longer run times than traditional conventional methods used

Our patented graphene coated magnetic connectors and switches allow a host of configurations for stacking this power and switching it on and off and allowing various desired voltage outputs to be obtained from one single ANA MPP like our Panther PowerBelt just as one example

Our future Standalone Self Sufficient Fully Sustainable Charging Stations can be installed anywhere on the planet without the dependence on the polluting coal powered Power Grid We are not limited in this or in our expandability due to all the benefits already mentioned above

Imagine once we get funded what we can do

The limitless possibilities to use alternative energy and power future communities that lack the awesome power of electricity to fuel their communities with great empowerment and create clean jobs without coal or nuclear power but NEW CLEAN (nuclean) power without dirty dead air from coal or dirty dead soil from nuclear waste

From ANA MPC to ANA MPP to our newest ANA PowerPendant using our Power Capsules to create a necklace using our new magnetic graphene coated magnetic roller connectors there is much to invest in that has limitless batteryless opportunities available in the future for this place and outer space and perhaps even Mars

From products for the home to commercial and even industrial

We are The Future Of Connectivity in All Ways

Enjoy this beautiful planet

Cheers Climate Crusaders

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