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Introducing MarketerHire for Agencies

Launching a new solution: MarketerHire for Agencies. CEO, Chris Toy, explains its origin story, why it is launching it now and how it's going to transform agency staffing. Table of Contents

  1. An overview of MarketerHire For Agencies

  2. Why we’re launching now

  3. How we solve agency headcount problems

  4. The future of hiring marketing talent

The idea for MarketerHire clicked for me almost a decade ago, when I was running my own marketing agency. I faced a core problem every agency faces: staffing volatility. Every business decision demanded instant headcount changes. If we won a client, we had to staff it immediately. If we lost a client, I had an expensively under-utilized team. Like most agency leaders, I said no to potential clients because I didn’t want to risk staffing a short-term account. I wanted to create a hiring solution that let agencies take bigger, more audacious swings. Today, MarketerHire is so much more than that. We’re the leading on-demand marketing talent platform, serving thousands of companies. Our customers include early-stage startups and local businesses, unicorn tech companies and Fortune 500 brands. But the problem I had staffing my agency is still in the DNA of the product. In fact, many agencies started using MarketerHire back when we had no program set up specifically for their needs. We couldn’t ignore that demand. Today, we are excited to officially launch MarketerHire For Agencies. An overview of MarketerHire For Agencies This new program has all the best parts of our core product: vetted marketing talent, flexible hiring and matching technology that uses millions of data points to match agencies with the ideal marketer for their needs. The big difference for our agency partners: We’ve tweaked what we were already doing to better accommodate the volatility and volume of agency staffing. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with us:

  • Find your optimal hire: Our MarketerMatch™ technology draws on an agency-specific matching algorithm to find you perfect-fit candidates with expertise in the industries, channels and roles your clients demand.

  • Staff up your new account in as few as 48 hours: Unlock new billings with expert marketers who can jump in on day one so you can start billing their time.

  • Backfill any marketing role: When talent resigns or takes a leave — even senior talent — you can leverage MarketerHire as your fool-proof contingency plan.

  • Collaborate with a dedicated account manager: Work directly with us on the nuances of your agency operations, projected headcount and more.

The program has already built a client base that includes WPP, GroupM, Mindshare, Mediacom and Wavemaker, and has hit some major performance milestones. One major client has 3Xed their MarketerHire freelance headcount since this program beta-launched in Q4 2021. Jason Chitwood, former global marketing head for leading brands, has joined MarketerHire as general manager of MarketerHire For Agencies, and he brings a background in agency operations from Grey Group, Wunderman and FCB Global. Why we’re launching now The hiring market has become much more competitive, especially in marketing. Marketers are quitting their full-time jobs en masse, and agencies are struggling to recruit qualified talent. Meanwhile, demand for marketing services is skyrocketing. Many agencies turned to MarketerHire because they have won so much new business that it demands headcount they simply do not have, and they can’t afford to spend months recruiting. How we solve agency headcount problems MarketerHire’s vetted, on-demand marketing talent can start work for an agency within days. We take care of all the interviewing, vetting and administrative work and you just need to do the final virtual meet to make sure they are the right fit for your needs. Compare that to the 30+ hours of interviewing it can take to hire through a staffing agency! Our marketers can hit the ground running and scale their hours up or down as needed. And when clients inevitably churn, it’s easy to end their contracts. No fees, no hassles, no risk. The future of hiring marketing talent MarketerHire’s mission has always been to make impactful marketing accessible to everyone, and this program moves us one step closer to our goal. The program has made a big impact already, and we have even bigger dreams for it. MarketerHire is already leading in the talent cloud space. In five years, I see every marketing organization turning to MarketerHire for its talent needs, the same way businesses in nearly every industry turn to AWS for their server needs. The agency of the future could be three full-time employees and 50 MarketerHire marketers. Don’t take my word for it, though. Try the program out and see the future of hiring for yourself.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Chris Toy is the CEO and co-founder of MarketerHire. He's spent the past 20 years as a leader and entrepreneur in marketing, media and tech. He’s worked with Fortune 500 and unicorn startups. HIRE A MARKETER

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