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Do you know what's your #1 asset?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

  • Remember to protect and strengthen your #1 asset. I’m not talking about your pitch deck. Or even your business. Your #1 asset is your Mindset. Listen, Many of us have been watching the news with concern for those impacted by the new war in Europe. We also understand that the war - and its ripple effects - will likely affect our markets and thus, potentially our businesses too. So, While we may not be able to influence foreign policy… We can certainly influence our mindset! Which is ultimately why I decided to write this today. I thought it might be helpful to share 3 of my favorite teachers and thinkers on mindset. So, as you’ll see below, I attached a couple of video clips from each of them that I've used myself. Perhaps you’ll find them useful too. Tony Robbins: 5-minute (excellent) teaching session of Tony live on Dr. Oz, showing folks how to shift their emotional states immediately. Watch here. Sadhguru: For those more advanced, here you go. If you know, you know. Watch here. David Goggins: David is an ex-Navy Seal and uses "strong language." I personally listen to him (and Sadhguru) nearly every day. Watch here. Now, I know those types of videos and leaders may not be for everyone… And that’s totally fine. But if you’re open to the concept of training and optimizing your mindset (hopefully you are)… I hope these individuals and their wisdom can be half as valuable to you as they’ve been for me. Cheers

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