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Lunar and Solar Light Consciousness

Our thoughts, creativity, and personal relationships reach their full potential only when both solar and lunar aspects of the self are developed. When they are, these two sides work in concert. They guide us toward the decisions we need to survive and the perceptions we need to enjoy being alive. When one aspect of consciousness remains underdeveloped, we are likely to encounter serious problems and failures. Without emotional insight, for instance, logic easily becomes cold, if not merciless. Without the ability to analyze a situation, our emotions alone can deceive us, and lead us to chaotic or even disastrous consequences.

When one aspect of consciousness remains underdeveloped, we are likely to encounter serious problems and failures.

When the solar and lunar faculties work in harmony, they can produce a sum that is greater than their parts. Thought becomes more nuanced and richer when coupled with emotional insight. Cognitive scientists are discovering how empathy plays a crucial part in learning even the most analytical skills. Psychologists know that when emotions accompany clear insight, awareness deepens, moving more easily toward resolution and change. When we walk through the park, our scientific knowledge about the plants around us can increase our awe of them. The Naturalist John Muir often had deep, ecstatic experiences with nature because of his knowledge as a botanist. Yet, despite our powerful birthright of twin consciousness, many of us have developed the habit of favoring one mode of consciousness over the other from learned patterns.

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